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Chameeya was contracted to add additional functionality and convert the current Access database to use Oracle. This database was a financial budgeting system to support the decision-making during CFS's restructuring. Moving to Oracle provided better scaling and usability as well as better process handing. Salik has also built systems for HR management to ensure available resources are assigned to tasks as they come. A time sheet management package was also built to enable the fine-grain tracking of time and resources on the various projects within the CFS restructuring programme.

CFS comprises the Co-operative Bank and Co-operative insurnace and is part of the Co-operative Group

United Finance and Insurance needed a simple CRM to keep track of customer details and product purchases and payments. UFIS needed to provide information to FSA on a regular basis and all its current records were on paper.

Chameeya build UFIS a very simple CRM using Access. This system was built quickly and provides reports which are forwarded onto FSA by e-mail. UFIS now can track all clients and payments and products as well as keep track of renewal dates. The amount of manual work saved is immense.

Chameeya used their SQL Server expertise to build a system which integrated with the existing Linux-based warehouse management system. The SQL Server system handled the creation of the weekly replenishment orders to the stores as well as downloading and uploading of the information from the individual store tills. This system was very easy to build a GUI front-end for and user's could now create and do much of the work themselves with less reliance on the IT staff. As well, the SQL Server system was faster than the Linux-based system.

Birthdays is now part of Clinton Cards

Assisted with the creation of several of Cognos products at the time. We used our expertise in developing Windows GUI to build parts of Axiant - a development tool for Cognos's Powerhouse toolset - and Powerplay. As well we also used his in-depth knowledge of object oriented principles in the development of a experimental project RealObjects.

Cognos is now part of IBM

Using in-depth knowledge of Windows GUI to transfer a in-house product written for Macintosh to Windows. The updated product was also provided for Macintosh users. This provided users with identical versions of the software on both platforms while Nortel gradually switched its desktops from Macintosh to Windows.

Chameeya, in partnership with Thinktools, designed and built a data mart built on SQL Server containing daily phone call information between Canadian phone companies and companies based in USA. This provided the client with in depth and sophisticated bespoke reporting and also acted as a small CRM to assist customers questioning the amount appearing on their phone bills. The product was entirely web-based.