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“[Chameeya] has a wide range of programming and data base skills and is very personable and easy to work with. He has worked in the software industry for many years and has experience of designing proprietary budgeting and forecasting systems for software vendors. At CFS. Salik worked as a contract programmer with my Projects Financial Controller to create a workable, cost effective and pragmatic project reporting database, reporting and forecasting system, for a complex multiple project restructuring programme.

This involved the whole life project reporting for some 50 plus projects (circa £200m spend, £120m benefits) and five major programmes. It also included, in year, run rate and total benefits tracking, in year and inception to completion financial reporting etc. We managed to do this using a combination of Oracle and Access databases fronting the system with Access and Excel reporting tools to create a secure and auditable LAN based multi user project reporting and governance system. This was achieved at a fraction of the cost of using a proprietary Oracle Projects module and satisfied, internal audit, external audit, FSA and Board reporting requirements to a very high standard.”
Director Finance, the Co-operative Bank

“Chameeya worked for me as a solutions developer for several months. During that period he proved himself time and time again as an individual with a strong technical knowledge and awareness of business processes. Those attributes combined with his ability work well with those around him meant the output of his work was always of the highest standard. Salik will add value to any organisation he works with.”
IT Director, Birthdays

“Salik is a personable, enterprising, flexible service provider who has provided invaluable support in developing bespoke database applications in MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle. One of Salik's main strengths is to be able to translate high level requirements into detailed practical and functional design to support client needs.”
Director of Change Finance, Co-operative Finance Services

“The result of our CRM Access database was better than I hoped for. Chameeya understood perfectly what I was looking for and his first demo was spot on. He has a good understanding of what the client is looking for. Salik many thanks for your help!”
Sole Proprietor, Holland

“I crossed paths with Salik for the first time circa 1994, while working on the DND research project, and he was working at Cognos. From that initial meeting, I thought that I had never met an IT professional, programmer and analyst with same motivation, skills and subject matter expertise. Salik's work ethics and team work are unmatched. His professional conduct and positive attitude is definitely contagious. What a pleasure to work with...”
VP Technology and CTO, MODEL Technologies Inc.

“Salik is a very ambitious worker. He has a combined work experience and education that puts him is the type of developers that think outside the box. He does not like 'blue collar' style working environment and could work until he gets a breakthrough for days but sometimes would escape from his monitor to regroup his thoughts. His has all the characteristics of a visionary and should be given opportunity to blossom in being a very fine architect with high reputation of a very fine Architect. I highly recommend him for any company that is striving innovation.”
Software Engineer, EDS

“We have worked together on Power Play Transformer project at Cognos , and in the time , I joined the company , Salik was already a team leader. He was a grate help for me to get started on the project and excellent source of advise and guidance on the daily basis. He was an innovative developer with lots of experience in many areas. I think he will make a grate addition to any team he would work will , and really I would like to have a chance to work with him again, but unfortunately he had moved to another country.”
Sr. Software developer, Cognos

""[Chameeya] provided me with a simple way to manage my FSA reporting requirements. You deserve a medal!"
Proprietor, United Finance and Insurance

“When I joined the PowerPlay Transformer team, Salik was one of the senior programmers that I would go to for help. His advice was elegant and efficient because he had a deep and extensive knowledge of C++, MFC and Windows SDK. If you have a complex problem to be developed, I would hire him.”
Senior Software Engineer, Cognos